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Choosing the perfect windows:
Simonton Windows in Highland Park, IL

Finding the perfect windows for your home in Highland Park can be a tedious task, but with Simonton Windows it does not have to be. There are endless possibilities of choices and in order to determine which are the best replacement windows options for your family and home, follow these simple tips:

1. Find the right Simonton replacement windows installer in Highland Park

Simonton products are sold nationwide and the Simonton network of installation professionals is extensive and PRO Home 1 is among the preferred installers in the Midwest. With over 40 years of combined industry experience, we know the ins-and-outs of windows installation. Our professional in-house consultant can help you sort through the confusion and provide you with a well thought-out windows solution.

2. Is this for a remodeling project or are the windows for new construction?

Simonton Windows offers a variety of replacement windows and new construction windows:

  • Double-hung
  • 2-lite slider
  • Casement
  • Awning
  • Picture
  • Geometric
  • Bay
  • Bow
  • Garden
  • 2-lite horizontal roller
  • Single hung
  • Single slider
  • Geometric-top single hung

3. Choose your perfect Simonton windows

Simonton windows not only add architectural features but improve energy efficiency as well. Simonton offers windows for every style, home and budget. Here is a short description of each:

  • Double-hung window: both sash on windows easily lift to open and tilt inward for easy cleaning
  • Single hung:top sash of the window remains fixed while bottom sash lifts open and tilts in for easy cleaning
  • Double-slider window: has two sash that open and close by sliding from side to side
  • Single-slider window:One sash is fixed while the other sash opens and closes by sliding from side to side
  • 3-lite slider window: has a fixed central sash while the two sashes on either side open and close by sliding side-to-side and is ideal for wide openings
  • Casement window: the sash is hinged on one side and swings open a full 90-degrees – opens with crank handle at the base
  • Colonial-casement window: traditional casement window with a decorative mid meeting rail; gives the appearance of double or single-hung window
  • Awning window: the sash in this window is hinged at the top and opens outward when using the crank handle at the base
  • Picture window: these windows are fixed therefore do not open or close
  • Geometric window: completely fixed therefore do not open or close; available in a variety of styles
  • Garden window: protrude from the frame of the house and feature functional casement sidelites; this design allows more sunlight to showcase plants or collectibles
  • Bay window: created by joining three windows at either 30- or 45-degree angles which extend outward from the frame of the house
  • Bow window: similar to a bay window but are more rounded in appearance because the 3, 4 or 5 lite windows are joined at 10-degree angles

If you are not sure which windows would be a perfect fit for your home in Highland Park, IL, or to learn more about the different styles of windows, please contact us.

4. Choose your perfect windows, style and design

Simonton windows offer a vast selection of windows from exterior and interior colors, rich wood grain laminates, custom hardware finishes, etc. You can create a custom fit that complements your home’s décor inside and out. Simonton Windows’ unique styling options can even match your hardwood floors!

  • Vinyl is a superior choice compared to other materials: vinyl windows will never rot or require periodic repainting and will never pit or flake. High-quality vinyl requires almost very little maintenance which only entails occasional washing. They offer comfort and energy efficiency. They are easy to operate. They can withstand extreme weather conditions. They add value to your home.
  • Simonton Windows offers a variety of glass packages:they provide advanced features and designs for year-round thermal performance and energy savings. There are three options for insulated glass unit: dual pane, triple pane and impact-resistant laminated glass. Selecting a Low-E coating reflects infrared light and reduces fading. Odorless and colorless non-toxic gases can be filled in the insulating glass unit which results in better insulation and helps reduce temperature transfer. Additionally, a spacer system keeps a window’s glass panes at a correct distance apart to further reduce temperature transfer.
  • With Simonton Windows every detail can make a difference: finish off your look by coordinating your windows with your choice of metal finishes, such as cam locks, lift rails, pull stiles, lift handles, various crank handle styles, with a selection of colors such as oil-rubbed bronze, brushed nickel, white, tan, driftwood, dark bronze and polished bronze. 


Let us help you customize your windows to help you achieve your ideal look. PRO Home 1 will gladly assist you emphasize the architectural style of your home located in Highland Park, Illinois.


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