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Windows for your home

Tuesday, June 26th, 2018 by Peter Pawelko

Besides saving money on your energy bills, making your home look beautiful, making it quieter, making it less drafty and reducing your maintenance by – well, by a lot, why should you even consider it replacing your old house windows?

Replacing windows involves many decisions and we know this. If you want new windows, we’ll help you choose the best ones for your home.

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Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Price does not equal performance

Prices vary by materials, durability, scoring, thermal efficiency, brand and special features and styles.

  1. Match windows to climate

Look at the overall scores of window ratings. For example, consider the following:

  • U-Factor: the lower the number, the better an insulator the window is.

  • SHGC: the lower the number, the less solar radiation and heat the window allows inside.

  • Visible Transmittance: the lower number means the room will be dimmer; a higher number means the room will be brighter.

  • Air Leakage: the lower the number, the more airtight the window.

  • Condensation Resistance: the lower the number, the more condensation the window allows to build up.

  1. Overspending on options

Focus on features that will add value. For example, low E-coatings improve efficiency, but triple glazing isn’t really necessary unless you live in an extremely cold climate.

Let us help you customize your windows to help you achieve your ideal look for your home. With our window brands – you will have a variety of choices. And with our experience and windows expertise – you will have a few decades of combined knowledge and skills working for you.

We offer a series of exterior remodeling products and services to enhance the appearance and comfort of your home. With options to include high-quality products with low-maintenance options for years to come, exterior remodeling services provide a higher return on investment and add value to properties, and will maintain a high standard in your community.

To learn more about the different styles of windows or to obtain more information on our exterior remodeling services, please contact us.


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