Upgrading exterior doors is one of the easiest ways to updating your home’s curb appeal. It creates a beautiful first impression, as well as provides greater energy efficiency, improved comfort and safety, and increases the value of your home.

There are many different types, styles, shapes, colors, and sizes to choose from when selecting your replacement doors.  We proudly offer fiberglass, wood, steel and vinyl replacement doors that are both high-quality products and will match the architecture of your home.

Living in the Midwest, we experience many extreme weather conditions, as well as sudden weather changes. Hello winter!

We offer replacement door products that:

  • stand up to high-impact wind and debris
  • are designed with a steel plate
  • resist water, moisture, rain, snow and salt spray infiltration
  • have glass-laminated film with aluminum frame
  • comply with regional code requirements
  • are built with increased strength and security

All entry and patio door systems come with a performance package which provides comfort, energy efficiency, performance, durability and beauty. Also, they include fire-rated protection and security, as well as doors and door frames for interior and exterior installation: 

  • Fire-rated doors are designed to keep your personal effects and family safe and secure.
  • Multi-family door frames are ideal for interior/exterior installation, including corridor openings and outside unit entries, and have foam weather stripping for air infiltration resistance.
  • Noise reduction doors systems feature maximum acoustical performance for highly populated areas located near highways, airports, railroads and high-density residential areas.

Advantages of investing in replacement doors:

  1. Significantly reduces drafts and seals your home
  2. Maintain a comfortable climate, thus reduces utility bills
  3. Increases home value
  4. Provides a safe environment for your family and personal effects
  5. Provides better insulation to help block exterior noises

We’ll help you select the type of door, take measurements, determine what type of material should be made of, consider your budget and level of maintenance, as well as help you select hardware. To learn more, continue to www.prohome1.com/doors/

Update instead of replace?

If you are thinking of replacing your door because of draft, you should first check your weatherstripping and door sweep since both can wear over time and are much easier to replace than an entire door.

However, if the door or frame are bowed or warped, or if the door was originally poorly installed, you may need a re-installation of the unit or a total replacement. We can assess the condition of your existing door and frame and provide you with the best solutions. Let us know how we can help.