Photo courtesy: James Hardie

After a long, cold winter, Spring's bright sun and warm winds will soon bring a breath of fresh air. Just the thought of the longer and warmer days, entices to clean off the grill and open the pool. However, another important aspect of getting your home ready for Spring, is spotting your leaf-filled gutters, cracked siding, and frost-damaged roof shingles.

We’ve gathered a short checklist on how to get your house ready for the warmer months ahead.

Inspect roof and attic – check for loose materials, damage, or signs of deterioration. In the attic, check for stains which indicate leaks.

Remove debris from gutters and downspouts – and if necessary, have them repaired. Clogged gutters cause water to pool and even overflow causing harm to roof and siding.

Examine and wash siding – do a spot check for holes, cracks, stains and other signs of damage. Take care of problems first.  Take a garden hose and wash off grime. Most home improvement stores sell siding cleaning solutions.

Wash windows – wash exterior windows, window sills and window frames.

Spruce up the entryway – wipe the front door, entry porch floor or stoop. Wipe cobwebs from the ceiling and corners.

Inspect walkways and driveway – changing weather conditions affect asphalt and concrete. Inspect the driveway and paths cracks, crumbling, etc. and schedule repairs as needed.

Inspect decks, balconies and fences – check gates, fences, balconies, porches, decks, railings, pergolas and other outdoor structures and make necessary repairs. Stain, paint or reseal as needed.

Test sprinklers and irrigation system – check for any malfunctions and adjust accordingly.

Test the cooling-system – check the AC, or schedule a professional maintenance visits for proper function.

Clean the garage – do you use your garage as a storage unit? Maybe it is time to clear the junk and donate other items? Once it is cleared consider mounting a storage or shelving unit to keep things neat.

Organize space – a clutter-free home creates more space and organization. Sell of items by hosting a yard/garage sale, or contact your local charity, or sell them online. Also, you can donate large items or even contact a consignment shop to help you sell.

Protect against mosquitoes – check your property for standing water. Move, cover or empty open containers, flowerpots, saucers, and other mosquito-breeding grounds.

Increase curb appeal – small changes such as hanging flowerpots, painting the front door a vibrant color, or showcasing wick furniture on the front porch can do wonders to your home’s exterior!

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