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Excessive rainfall can damage your home

Monday, July 16th, 2018 by Pro Home 1

Flash floods can occur at any time within a few minutes or hours of excessive rainfall. Even very small streams, gullies, creeks, culverts, dry streambeds or low-lying ground that appear harmless in dry weather can flood, and can flood fast. We get most rainfall in Autumn and Spring.

 How to prevent rain roof damage

Here are some tips on what to do after a severe thunderstorm and water damage in your home:

  • Take photos of floodwater in your home
  • Take photos of damaged personal property take inventory of damaged items (if possible, locate receipts of these damaged goods)
  • Wear protective clothing – long gloves, boots or galoshes, long sleeved-shirt, long pants, goggles, etc.
  • Clothing and other items must be washed and properly disinfected and completely dried
  • Items should be monitored for at least a couple of weeks for fungal growth and unpleasant odor
  • Severely damaged items should be disposed
  • Prevent mold growth by removing wet contents and using disinfectants and solvents and immediately drying the area by the use of fans and creating a draft (opening doors and windows)
  • If you do not have safe drinking water, purchase bottled water or boil water for consumption until the proper authorities indicate the water supply is safe

Are you prepared for a flood? What would you do if your property were flooded? Just because you live in an area of low risk of flooding does not mean it will not flood in the future. Flood risk is not just based on historical facts. Other factors considered include rainfall, topography, flood-control measures, river-flow and tidal-surge data, as well as changes due to new construction and development. To prepare for a flood, you should:

  • Have ready a first aid kit or emergency kit
  • Set family rules and a communications plan
  • Consider installing "check valves" to prevent flood water from backing up into the drains
  • If possible, elevate the furnace, water heater and electric panel (especially if you live in a high risk flood neighborhood)
  • If feasible, construct barriers to stop floodwater from entering your home and seal walls in basements with waterproofing elements
  • Avoid building in a floodplain unless you elevate and properly reinforce your home

If you were unable to remove these contaminants from your home or basement, call Pro Home 1, Inc. for an in-home consultation and we will once again create a loving environment you once had or have always wanted!

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