Summer is here! Summer temperatures, days full of sunlight, and summer breezes are just a few reasons to enjoy your porch, deck, patio or balcony. In an effort to promote outdoor living in a beautiful and comfortable setting, we put together a quick collection of some ideas for you.

A spacious deck with comfy seating to enjoy summer parties, or for outdoor movie watching with inflatable mattresses and a hammock to provide restful spots to relax or to nap under the shade of trees, or an umbrella against a perfect backdrop of green landscape, flowers and stone details:

A natural way to provide shade and beauty is to add a pergola, a roof trellis, or a retractable roof. Climber plants with string lights and lanterns can add just the right touch of ambiance, for dining or kicking back. Adding screen panels and large potted plants, can be a great addition for outdoor dining -- and can virtually extend the length of the kitchen:

This cozy backyard deck composed of durable and weather-resistant materials features a space to entertain family and friends. It’s a perfect space that mixes a bit of wood, iron furniture and lounge-like details. The components can be rearranged to accommodate any number of guests:

A log-house style balcony featuring wood elements providing direct access to the main floor living areas overlooking a lake in the forest. What a perfect spot to enjoy a lazy afternoon catching forest breezes... while the dining tables provide ideal spots for dining al fresco to enjoy the picture-perfect views:  

A previously unused backyard, was transformed into a tranquil oasis with stone pavers, a water fountain in pond and a beautiful green lush landscape. All decorated with a fire pit, outdoor furnishings and bench seating, making this outdoor space low maintenance:

Here’s an outdoor refuge of relaxation! The earth-tone orange color of the deck looks really nice against the earth-tone green color house-siding and lush landscape. There’s so much to love about this deck – lake front and sun loungers for relaxation:

In addition, 

Before inviting friends and family, make sure to look at various problem areas, such as:

  • Splitting or decaying wood - look at areas that are damp.  Look at support posts, joists, deck boards, railing and stairs.  Holes in wood may indicate insect infestation.
  • Flashing - often installed where the deck and house are attached together and guards against moisture and debris. It can cause deterioration and start weakening the structure.
  • Loose and/or corroded fasteners - these include nails, screws and anchors.  If any are loose, corroded or rusted, they have to be replaced in order not to cause additional damage to the structure.
  • Stairs, railings and banisters - including risers and stringers should be secure and firmly holding in place. Any indications of decay, damage or looseness, will have to be repaired or replaced.
  • Lighting and electrical - all electrical outlets and lighting should be working, and all light covers should be clean from debris or blockage, in good condition and all features should be up to code.
  • Surrounding trees and shrubs - any overhanging branches or overgrown bushes should be trimmed and cleared from touching the deck area.
  • Grills, fire pits, chimneys, heaters and candles - these should be placed away from flammable surfaces and areas on the deck.
  • Deck furniture - all outdoor furniture should be sturdy and placed away from the edge of the deck. Swings, hammocks, chains and ropes should be secure and holding firmly.
  • Cleaning and maintenance - leaves and small branches should be cleared since they can cause tripping accidents, can be slippery and promote mildew. 

We hope the above ideas and tips bring you inspiration for summer outdoor enjoyment to your home. Adding a deck to your home will not only provide you with a space to socialize, relax and eat with friends and family but add an aesthetic value to your home.

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