Fascia, soffit, gutters and downspouts are now made with long-lasting durability, low maintenance and design elements to appeal to homeowners in virtually every aspect. These exterior-house elements more than visually enhance your home, they:

  • protect your home from pests
  • perform as a disguise for ventilation in your attic
  • keep away water from entering

To prevent problems with your roofing system, soffits, fascia and gutters must be installed properly so that waterproofing systems that are set in place, will work effectively and efficiently. To keep your gutters working in proper order, necessary repairs and problems should be resolved immediately, especially if parts are missing. An impaired gutters and downspouts system can cause serious damage to your home since it can allow water to get into your house via the attic, walls, basement, or crawl space. Water is capable of damaging fascia boards and siding, which in turn can cause foundation problems.

Experiencing related issues?

Here are some tips:

Repair Loose Gutters

Gutter re-attachment or gutter replacement is a minor repair. However, if the fascia is rotted it may require removal and installation of new fascia and gutters.

Repair Damaged Downspouts

Downspouts (leaders), they can become loosened, disconnected or blown over from high winds and storm damage. Downspouts drain water and carry it away from the dwelling, specifically the foundation to prevent it from pooling at the base of your home. Displaced downspouts should be remedied immediately to avoid extensive damage.

Properly Adjust Gutters

Assessing the slope and properly re-pitching the gutters can improve drainage. When standing water forms in gutters it usually indicates an incorrect installation and slope. Sagging is another problem that can result from wrongly fitted gutters and downspouts.

Replace Broken or Missing Parts

Replacing damaged elbows, downspout (leader) extensions, downspout heads, end caps, outlets, straps, drip edge, or adding more support to the entire gutter system ensuring the gutters and downspouts are properly fitted.

Seal Leaking Seams

Leaking gutters occur when caulking weakens from excess debris, ice build-up or ice dams. Leaks also occur around downspouts and joints because they were initially improperly fitted.

Fascia & Soffit Repair or Replacement

An improperly fitted gutters and downspouts system contribute to water backing up into the fascia board causing damage. The fascia board is affixed to the end of the rafter, above the roof edge and encloses the roof overhand under the eave. The gutters are attached to the fascia board. The weight of the gutters plus the debris can cause the nails to withdraw. The gutter can tilt and create a gap between the gutter and fascia board, resulting in water spreading along the soffit. Water penetration will not only damage the fascia but can seep down to the foundation and spread to ceilings and walls.

Furthermore, gaps will be an invitation to small animals, rodents, insects and rot will initiate. Once significant damage is done the fascia and soffits will need to be replaced.

Ridge Caps & Flashing Repair or Replacement

Any time surfaces on a roof intersect there is a chance of water seepage. Flashing is used for waterproofing such critical areas on the roof. Ridge caps help protect some of the high stress and vulnerable areas on your roof and are installed on the hips and ridges of the roof.

Leaf Relief Gutter Covers

Installing a new gutters protection system can prevent your gutters from clogging from leaves and other blown in debris. This means less pressure on the gutters and you having to clean them out. 

If you notice any problems with your gutters, downspouts, fascia and soffit, call us so that we may assess the damage to avoid significant and costly damage. Regularly maintaining your drainage system can extend its life as well as the functionality of your roof. If applicable, we can repair the existing materials to protect your home from the elements.

We not only provide you with an estimate and handle your request, we provide you with well thought-out solutions that best solve your exterior home improvement issues. We look beyond the obvious and envision what your home needs. We want you to be safe as well as proud of your home. Let us know how we can improve your home.