Winter is almost here and if you are looking to upgrade your existing windows – now is the time.  The best time of the year to replace windows is when there’s mild weather, specifically during spring and autumn.

How to Choose New Windows?

New windows can change the look and efficiency of our home. Furthermore, windows should match the quality and price point of the house. Start by choosing the right material. Vinyl windows may look acceptable on a Colonial house, but they may not necessarily work with a Tudor-style home. The wood trim is what makes a Tudor home unique, special and distinct. 

How Many Types of Windows are There?

  1. Fiberglass – very strong, sturdy, durable.
  2. Wood – very durable, energy efficient with classic good looks.
  3. Vinyl – easy to maintain and affordable.
  4. Composite – more resistant to moisture than wood.
  5. Aluminum – most affordable, but not best with energy savings.
  6. Wood-clad – interior made of wood, exterior made of vinyl, fiberglass or aluminum.

Matching your Home’s Window Style

Once you’ve reviewed the material of your new windows, the next step to look at is do you prefer windows with grids, or without. Windows that open from the top, bottom, or side? More modern-style homes have grid-less windows. However, more traditional-style homes choose grid windows to maintain a classic look.

The most common window styles are:

Casement window: your choice of wood, vinyl and fiberglass; they are ideal in difficult-to-reach places, such as in a kitchen over the sink.

Awning window: your choice of wood, vinyl and fiberglass; they are perfect for adding architectural interest such as to allow in more light and ventilation to a room. 

Double-hung window: your choice of wood, vinyl and fiberglass; they are perfect for any home, whether you want a classic or contemporary style.

Single-hung window: your choice of detailed wood, distinctive vinyl with easy care and strong fiberglass for excellent performance.

Sliding window:your choice of vinyl or fiberglass; provides easy access and space saving alternative.

Bay or bow window: these types of windows expand your view even with limited wall space and include garden windows.

Special shapes window: these include angled, rectangular, or curved shapes that do not open, your choices are virtually endless from elliptical to triangular.

Specialty window: offers unique beauty and operational styles. Design options include mahogany, alder, Douglas fir and pine woods and virtually unlimited exterior cladding colors, grille patters, French, etc.

Additionally, with such a huge array of windows we can help you create your own, one-of-a-kind custom-made window. We can measure, plan and order extra-tall to extra-wide non-standard sizes. We can order unique shapes and frames. You have a choice of intricate grille designs, stained, textures or beveled glass. 

Should you go for the Add-Ons?

Windows come with an array of features, such as:

Argon gas-filled windows – can be used on certain window styles, offer some energy savings, the gas leaks out over time.

Triple-pane windows – recommended for extremely cold climates, increases price of widow.

Impact-resistant glass windows – recommended if you reside in a hurricane-prone area.

Low-E glass windows – invisible coat keeps home efficient, helps to prevent sunlight from fading furnishings. 

U-factor – rated from 0.2 to 1.2 the lower the rating, the better a window’s insulation. 

Tips for Choosing a Window Brand Manufacturer

Quality, style and features preferences slightly vary from brand to brand. All of which, can affect the cost of windows. So, who can you trust?

We offer a wide variety of trusted home-window brands and manufacturers, styles, shapes, features and designs to complement your home. From contemporary to classic, we can help you find windows that will complement your home’s style, and suit your life. 

These windows are suitable for single-family houses, new construction and multi-family complexes such as condominiums and townhouses. We can help you add a beautiful architectural design, energy efficiency options, financing plans, plus, there are so many other choices to choose from.

Additionally, expert installation may be more important than choosing the window itself. A poorly installed, high-quality window will result in overall poor window performance. We can help you make a decision based on our long history of window expertise and installation, plus provide you with information on manufacturer certifications, ratings, and reviews.

And a last FYI, “standard replacement windows” are non-existent. Each window has to be assessed and measured. We can help you take care of your windows replacement.

Thank you for choosing PRO Home 1 for your home remodeling project!

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