The basement is typically the most unused space in a home, especially if it’s in an unfinished condition. Filling a basement space with unwanted things, boxes, childhood memorabilia, or no longer used items is a thing of the past. Homeowners are no longer letting this precious square footage go unused. The basement area is the perfect space that can be transformed into anything you want. Basements are becoming highly functional and welcoming for family and friends – they’re no longer typical, basic laundry and storage rooms. 

Homeowners are looking for balance of functionality and aesthetics: the space not only needs to be comfortable, livable, feel good, warm and cozy, but it needs to look modern, and it all needs to tie in together in a way that the basement space can be put to a variety of uses.

A basement design will add to your living space and add value to your home. So, if you’re thinking of finishing or remodeling your basement, focus on what are your family needs. Ask yourself, what is your home missing?  If you have kids, perhaps a toy or game room would be handy.  If you work from home, you may need an isolated and quiet office space. If you have frequent guests, perhaps a dedicated guest room with kitchenette and entertainment room. Man\woman caves have also become a big trend.

If you are looking to transform your empty or boring basement and introduce a 21st century retreat, check out some of the current basement trends:

Lounge & Entertainment

This includes anything from home theaters with large flat-screen TVs, dimmer lights, projector screens, good sound system, comfy seats, snack machines and a full bar. In an adjoining game room, showcase your pool table, video games, darts, one-arm bandit machines, etc. Built-in shelving units are a must to display books, magazines, trophies or other decorative items.

Guest-Room Flat

A cozy basement “apartment” can be a great option if you have a large family and circle of friends. They can stay with you but have the privacy of a mini apartment. Otherwise, consider changing this area to a kids’ playroom, or a teen-hangout room. 

Office Space or Workout Area

An in-home office is ideal for you. Create an office space with everything you need, such as storage space, including shelves, room for electronics, desk, and any other office-related furniture and accessories.

Relaxing Spa-Like Retreat

If you have the necessary plumbing, gas and electrical – you are half way there. Create a space for complete relaxation, serenity and enjoyment. This can be an area where you can get away and relax. Design a larger bathroom fitted with today’s luxuries, such as a steam room, massage room and even sauna!  Add an air-purification system to keep the basement fresh.

Seasonal Get-away

A winter retreat is where you want to be during cold winter months. Transform your basement to include rich warm wall colors, carpeted or hardwood floors, a big, cushy couch complete with a fireplace or wood stove. Conversely, basements are typically cooler during summer months, so you will have an easy getaway from the hot and humid weather.

Lastly, if you’re not yet ready for a contemporary remodel to a multi-purpose retreat basement, consider a small upgrade to a large storage or pantry room. You can easily install shelves, bins, and other organizational tools to help you stay structured. Also, a recreation room comes in handy for a small in-house gym, or wet bar, or a small family lounge.

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