Happy New Year! 

Start the year by giving your home a fresh look and get those repairs and updates done, because Spring will be here before you know it.  Winter can be harsh, cold and snowy, so what can you do before the warm months hit?  You have an option of remodeling your kitchen, bathroom and basement.  But what else is there?

Here are some indoor remodeling ideas to complete in January: 

  1. Upgrading the laundry room by getting rid of clutter and installing shelves, cabinets and well-spaced hooks, replacing the utility sink, and adding essential accents like a new hamper, baskets and rugs. Installing a countertop over the washer and dryer for a place to fold clothes.

    Insider tip: appliances go on clearance in January, so you can snag a deal if you’re looking to upgrade your washer and dryer.

  2. Changing hardware in all cabinets can lift the look of any room while adding function. Simple and effective is the way to go.

    Insider tip: buying hardware in bulk can really stretch the value of that dollar.

  3. Replacing light fixtures for bright, new and cheery ones can improve illumination and add that extra spark to any room.

    Insider tip: pendant light fixtures can create drama and become the focal point – plus, a great conversation piece!

  4. Protecting your home from the cold will in turn keep your home nice and toasty during winter’s cold days and nights. A way to ensure the interior stays warm is by re-insulating the attic and crawl space.

    Insider tip: there are a few insulation types, check the R-value, and always wear protective gear.

  5. Concentrating on safety features such as carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. Did you know November, December and January are peak months for house fires? Now is the perfect time to spend reassessing and upgrading your home’s safety features.

    Insider tip: detectors should be tested monthly and replaced about every five years. Don’t forget to check the expiration dates!

These are just a few just to get you started. However, there’s plenty more on the list! The cold, dark and short days of winter make us crave cozy warm spaces. So, introducing the above changes can add some playfulness, make a space feel fresh – and keep us productive and happy.

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