The roof is a home’s first-line protector. However, after a while, even the strongest roofing materials will eventually require some type of repair. Chicago’s severe winters, freezing temperatures, strong winds and weight of accumulated snow can put additional stress and vulnerability on roofing systems. If your area has been recently hit by a severe snow storm and you have roof damage or roof leaks or are faced with unexpected roofing repairs – we are here to help!

What type of emergency roofing services do you require?

We specialize in roofing replacement and after-the-storm major repairs.

What is considered an emergency roofing service?

Once a roofing system has weakened or become damaged it may allow ice and snow to penetrate into the house. An immediate roof repair, such as a protective tarp must be installed in order to stop further interior and structural damage. A thorough assessment and roof inspection will be completed and a permanent roof repair solution will be advised. 

What constitutes a roof repair?

During severe weather a roofing system can become compromised, additionally if a tree falls on it, or if high winds rip off shingles or other roofing materials. This can leave your roof exposed to rain, hail as well as other natural elements.

Once roof damage is spotted, what should the homeowner do?

Immediately call us for emergency roofing services. Please refrain from attempting to make roof repairs on own. There is a significant risk of being injured. Leave the repairs to us – the roofing experts.

What happens when there is a roofing emergency requiring immediate repairs?

If a snow storm is ongoing and depending on the severity of the blizzard, we may have to assess ongoing weather conditions, or wait until the storm subsides. Once it is determined it is safe, we will arrive at your home in an organized and prompt fashion to assess the roof damage. In these instances, safety is a priority for everyone.

Even the most skilled roofer cannot fix damages during high winds, heavy snow, ice and sleet. No one should attempt to repair a damaged roof during a storm, because without properly inspecting the roof, no one knows the structural integrity of a roofing system – which makes all areas of the roof very dangerous. Everyone’s safety is of the utmost importance.

Nothing can be more upsetting than a damaged roof during a blizzard or an undetected roofing problem that can give you an unexpected premature roof failure. Once we’ve inspected, protected and secured the roof from farther damage, consider that significant repairs may have to be done, or a full roof replacement may have to be completed.

As an emergency-repair roofer, we will document your damages, loss and may take photographs, if necessary.

Learn more about our roofing repair services:

If you or someone you know has roof damage, contact us – we provide emergency roofing services. Call us at (630) 407-1888, or fill out our online form located at the top right of this page.

Furthermore, we work with HOAs and property managers on multi-family properties such as condominiums and townhouses, with homeowners on single-family homes, as well as commercial buildings and churches.

We respond to every emergency, from minor storm damage to major blizzard roof damage. If you need an estimate on roof repairs, are interested in a roof maintenance program, or would like a complete roof evaluation, please call us at (630) 407-1888, or complete our online form located at the top right of this page.

Our emergency roofing specialist will provide you the appropriate next steps on the phone. If your repair is an emergency, we will arrange of a roofing team to come to your residence and assess the damage and begin repairs as soon as possible.