Summer is made for outdoor living and it’s the perfect time for home remodeling and house improvement projects because weather conditions are just right. Not only do we get longer daylight hours to work, we can manage around kids’ school schedules and vacation time with ease.

So, whether you’re planning to sell your home or want to continue living in it for years to come, maintaining and keeping your home up to date is beneficial to everyone.

Are you looking to enhance the aesthetics of your home and to protect it from heat and high humidity this summer? Make most of it by focusing on remodeling projects that will add value to your home. We can help by selecting the most suitable ideas for your home and focus on your taste and preferences while taking your budget into consideration, plus work on making your home to be more energy-efficient.

Here’s a list of the most popular summer-2021 remodeling trends:

Roof Replacement

If your roof is damaged or approaching its 15-to-20 year mark, it’s time to install a new roof. Getting a proper roof inspection and estimate is a must. Roofing protects your home and provides a “cap” to the overall structure and adds another layer of beauty and protection. We can make the entire process easier by handling everything from the initial roof assessment to permit-pulling and all installation services, plus regular maintenance.  Homeowners have options, from budget-friendly three-tab shingles, super-laminate shingles, or architectural shingles, as well as a variety of other shingle options.

Siding Replacement

If your home is looking shabby or if you’re tired of dealing with the time and money put into maintenance, look into residing with fiber cement boards. Fiber-cement siding is durable, requires very little maintenance, and comes in a variety of colors, styles and looks. These boards are also heavy and must be handled with care, so it’s best to have them installed by professionals. For a more budget-friendly option, we offer high-quality, durable vinyl siding that comes with enhanced insulation. With our professional installation, you can trust that a siding project completed this summer will give your home a sharper appearance and provide structural benefits to boot.

Deck, Patio, Balcony

Improve your outdoor living experience. Maintaining your deck, patio and/or balcony, will ensure you, your family and friends will relax and enjoy this summer’s gatherings and barbecues to the fullest. What better way to enjoy the backyard like a new deck? A large deck can be built or installed pretty quickly, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy it before fall arrives. Composite deck products don’t splinter, don’t need painting, and clean up easily.

Entry Doors

Entry doors give you added protection against the weather and not only. Plus, they can be great for adding curb appeal. Storm doors come in different styles and colors and installation is fast and inexpensive. If you’re struggling with an entry door or perhaps it’s an eyesore, we can take care of it this summer so you’ll have a new door in place before the weather turns cold and freezing.

Energy-Efficient Windows

We’re constantly running our AC over the summer, so energy bills are bound to increase. With new energy-efficient windows they help to keep the cool air inside, plus improve resale value. Our team simplifies window replacement. From the initial assessment of a homeowner’s needs to measuring, ordering, and installation. We handle it all. Furthermore, we offer a vast selection of window styles to suit every house and budget, with good, better, and best lines of energy-efficient, low-maintenance with warranties replacement windows.

Gutters and Downspouts

Installing new gutters and downspouts will protect your foundation and siding by collecting rain water and runoff from your roof and diverting them away. Old gutters get blocked with leaves and other debris, impeding the normal flow of water so they need to be cleaned and repaired regularly. 

Build an Addition

Another high return renovation idea is a new addition. If you can build up or out, adding bedrooms and bathrooms can dramatically improve your home's value and summer is perfect for expanding you’re the structure of your home. As a homeowner, you’ll be more comfortable because an addition is a lengthier project and long daylight helps to move this project along.

Kitchen Remodel

You could renovate the kitchen any time of year. But working in the summer lets you take advantage of outdoor cooking and eating, which puts less pressure on getting the job done fast. This is a good time to vacate the use of your kitchen for a proper upgrade. Keeping in mind to spend some time on the overall design and adding extra storage, efficiency flow, and a recycling area, but most of all installing smart appliances.

Bathroom Remodel

Redesigning a bathroom is no easy task. It’s best to utilize wall space by adding shelves or a free-standing cabinet. Installing spa-like showers and bathtubs, floating vanities and toilets give a “minimalist” look and offer ease of cleaning and overall organized appeal. Installing glass partitions or enclosures and a skylight gives the illusion of a larger batch.

Remodeling improves your biggest investment: your home. And summer gives better conditions and longer days for the work. Upgrading your home can boost its value if you decide to list it for sale.

If you’re wondering which remodeling projects may make your home more competitive in your area, contact us today for a free consultation and estimate. Ready to start planning?