Planning a home improvement project this year? We’re here to help keep a few things in focus. Your ROI depends on a couple key things, such as the value of houses in your neighborhood, the housing market in your area, how soon you decide to sell after making renovations and the quality of materials and labor, plus the value of your house itself.

Let’s break it down:  The most utilized rooms in a house continue to be the kitchen, basement and the bathroom.  Installing an expensive stove in a $200,00 house may not make sense if this four-bedroom house is the only house in the neighborhood with just one bathroom. Bathroom additions have twice the resale value of a new bedroom. So, it’s certainly going to pay to add a second bathroom.

Another aspect to look at is keeping the existing house structure sound. Replacing the roof and siding is much more important than remodeling a basement. A family can still live with a functional but dated basement. If there’s a musty smell because there’s a leak, it’s more important to resolve those problem items first, and get the luxuries later.

Curb appeal has become a major reason why siding and roofing replacement has ranked so highly among home buyers. Siding and roofing replacement offers added value for being low maintenance for most cost-conscious buyers.

Each home is different and your remodeling investment should satisfy all of your cooking, lounging, entertaining, and everyday living needs.  When redesigning your home and individual spaces, the primary things to consider are: modernization, functionality, space planning and layout.  This is where we come in. Our consultations can help you determine what can be a good investment.

In the last few years, requests for additions have grown. Everything from adding a second story, to a sun room, to adding a room. Much of this demand is driven by homeowners who need more space but don’t want to move because they love their home and neighborhood, so they add features to make their home more livable and stay put.

We can help you choose harmonizing materials and amenities that result in a fully-functional and aesthetically pleasing space. Before getting started, there are many other things that should be considered:

We Can Help Evaluate Your Home

Take into consideration the layout, design and what changes you want to make. For example:

  • Do you need more space to provide a better working area?
  • What are the best cabinetry solutions and appliances for your space?
  • Do you need additional built-in storage compartments?
  • Will islands and/or peninsulas create an easy flow for usage and accessibility?
  • What other special accessories will be needed for your new space?
  • Are you planning to entertain regularly or occasionally?

We Can Help Discover Your Style

Have you already done some research?  There are so many online sources, magazines, blogs, books, store catalogs, as well as visiting showrooms to discover furniture, accessories, cabinetry, and styles and designs you like.

We Can Help Determine Your Budget

Our remodeling services are build on the foundation of straight talk - honest answers and objective solutions that focus on your needs, priorities and budget. Not our sales. Our unique customer-service approach takes your time, budget and design for the remodeling project all into consideration.  Pre-plan your remodeling by starting here.

We Can Help Make Your Dreams Come True

Remodeling projects are fun and exciting, but they also tend to become overwhelming, stressful and tedious. For some homeowners, remodeling isn’t about a return on investment. It’s simply about making dreams come true. And were here to help make that happen! Talk to our home design team and express your concerns and we will help you every step of the way. Remember, you can have your dream home, with that beautiful kitchen, fabulous spa-like bathroom or remarkable basement before the holidays!