This time of the year presents the last and best chance to get all roofing and siding replacements done before winter, especially the first snow or frost. Chicago's seemingly unpredictable weather is susceptible to storms and other kinds of infrastructural damages synonymous with the winter season. As such, prompt and proper remedying and restoration is necessary.

Often, the smallest issues give way to bigger and more expensive repairs much quicker than anticipated. However, a smart move would be to hire the services of a professional remodeling contractor to identify these problems and address them promptly. By doing so, you can save on spending a fortune trying to salvage a chunk of badly damaged infrastructure such as roofing and siding installations.

Why is Roofing, Remodeling & Maintenance Important?

Although many homeowners focus more on maintaining the interior, keeping exterior installations updated and properly maintained is just as important. Maintaining external structures such as roofing, siding, gutters, etc., offers additional protection to a home’s entire infrastructure and increases its longevity and appeal both inside and out. This way, families can enjoy more protection against harsh, unpredictable weather conditions and the various adverse impacts they can cause.

Neglecting the need for maintenance now and replacing your entire roof later can be a significant, forced and avoidable investment. Some roofing installations are never guaranteed to last forever, especially shingle roofs. However, with regular inspection and proper maintenance, they can stand the test of time and save you huge expenses many years down the line.

Professional inspection and maintenance can save you from additional expenses resulting from:

  • Granule loss
  • Loose or missing shingles
  • Disintegrating caulk around vents and pipes
  • Clogged gutters
  • Exposed nail heads, which can cause water intrusion
  • Pooling of water and other damages

What are the Draw Backs of Not Maintaining a Newly Remodeled Home?

Typically, where it concerns making updates, maintenance, remodeling, etc., people tend to focus most of their attention on the interior. However, keeping the exterior updated and regularly maintained is just as important.

Several repercussions can arise from neglecting this important responsibility. The gravity of the consequences can range from low to severe. Below are some repercussions you may be exposing your property to if you neglect roofing and siding remodeling and maintenance:

Snow and Ice Damage

Storm damage is common between the months of April and October, or during late spring and early fall. Weather effects on buildings can sometimes be brutal. As the snow accumulates on the rooftops, it can get very heavy and exert additional pressure. This additional stress can cause roof leakages, cracks, and several other problems. Consequently, the weakened spots created by these impacts become more susceptible to leakages and allow for more heat exchange, reducing HVAC efficiency.

Water Damage

Exterior installations like roofing and siding are meant to protect the interior against such elements as water from penetrating and being trapped inside. However, these installations are not indestructible. Over time, they wear out naturally from excessive exposure to weather and its elements.

Without proper maintenance and remodeling where necessary, you will soon notice seams, cracks, and other weak spots which may cause safety and health concerns. The built-up moisture can gain access through the openings in the cracks and cause structural deterioration.

Wind Damage

Strong winds can quickly create clear openings for unwanted moisture and heat exchange through untended cracked shingles and pried-off installations. Loose and faulty gutters aren't left out. They can increase the risks of flooding during heavy rain. Similarly, flying debris like tree branches and limbs can cause severe damages to roofing and siding installations.

Hail Damage

Hail damage is one of the more common hazards at this time of the year and is often overlooked, especially by the untrained eye. Some common signs are the emergence of cracks/chips on roofing and siding installations, as well as broken gutters. Hail can also knock out granules and inflict various degrees of damages to shingles. They often go unnoticed because they can be difficult to spot by untrained eyes.

If you suspect any forms of damages to your roofing and siding installations due to any of the weather elements, contact us to schedule an inspection before any damages become irreparable.

Benefits of Professional Inspection, Maintenance and Remodeling

Investing in the exterior installations of your building, such as the roofing and sidings, offers great appeal and helps protect your property from harsh weather elements and the adverse impacts they present. Here are some benefits of making a smart investment to this effect.

Increased Home Value, Lower Maintenance Expenses

The cost of repairs and maintenance can quickly increase as the property ages. However, maintenance costs should only take about 1% – 4% of the property's value if inspected and maintained regularly. For instance, with regular professional maintenance services, a property worth $500,000 would cost around $5,000 on annual maintenance expenses.

A property with professionally finished and well-maintained roofing and siding will not only look aesthetically pleasing but will also be more appealing to prospective buyers.

Preservation of Structural Integrity

By hiring professional hands for your property's roofing and siding maintenance and remodeling, you also benefit from each team member's collective expertise and years of experience. Also, you will get a professionally executed job that will not infringe on the overall structural integrity of your property.

As a dedicated professional remodeling contractor, we will not leave you with leaking or sagging roofing and siding installations.

Get Greater Value with Affordable Estimates

By hiring the services of a professional home remodeling agency, you can benefit from a free, all-inclusive estimate that is affordable and offers greater value.

Additionally, a professional contractor will update you on all the latest and highest quality trends, providing you with a variety of options. In many cases, remodeling contractors offer additional services, such as gutter repairs and so on. Overall, you get more value for your money when you hire professional hands for all your roofing and siding remodeling tasks.

Proper and regular inspection and maintenance of your property's roofing, siding, and other external installations will protect its integrity and enhance its appeal for years to come. This time of the year presents the best opportunity to invest in your roofing and siding maintenance before the emergence of winter's very harsh and unfavorable weather conditions, which can leave you with double or even triple the expenditure after winter passes.