Are you already doing research for the latest remodeling trends for 2022 and trying to figure out with what project to start? You’ll likely want to get started in March.  Here, we’re sharing a few tips:

Choose a contractor who carries an Illinois State license and is insured. Most States require that the contractor hold insurance and/or bonding, as required by that specific municipality.

Benefits of using a licensed contractor:

-  A licensed contractor pulls permits at the local building department

-  Protects the homeowner by ensuring the contractor has met insurance requirements

Disadvantages of using an unlicensed contractor:

-  An unlicensed contractor may have problems in obtaining permits

-  If you, as the homeowner, do not have the proper building permits, the building inspector may issue a cease to work order

-  Homeowners may have little to no recourse if a problem occurs after a job is done

Hire a remodeling contractor who is licensed, bonded, and insured. All three credentials are important not only for the contractor, but for your protection as the homeowner, as well. Hiring a contractor without the proper qualifications may put you, at greater financial risk if your homeowners’ insurance policy is insufficient to cover the bills should the contractor or his/her workers become hurt on the property and during the job. 

Always ask for a written job proposal or estimate, ask questions and you may request to see previously completed jobs. A good place to start is the contractor’s website and social media, where photos and descriptions of completed jobs are available to be viewed. 

If you locate completed projects, you may ask questions regarding specific jobs.  Once your remodeling job begins, make sure to meet with the contractor on a regular basis to ensure work progress, timeline, and potential problems. Ensure the proper permits have been obtained and inspections have been conducted. Once your project is finished, make sure to do a final walk-through with the contractor and point out any unfinished areas. 

Whether it is a small job, or a total exterior home renovation project, we are committed to giving you straight talk and helping you make your dream home become reality. Contact us today and let us know how we can help start your next project! From total kitchen, bath and basement remodeling to exterior siding and roofing home improvement!

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