Proper and regular maintenance is key to ensuring that your siding is kept looking new and in good condition, especially during winter months. Keep your home well insulated and keep moisture out. Here are some tips:

1.  Regularly inspect your siding, especially areas where it comes in contact with doors, windows and roof.

2.  Inspect for gaps, dents, damages, stains, algae, mold and discoloration.

3.  Check under eaves for stains from water. TIP: To prevent water seepage and ice damming, seal gaps around ducts and pipes in the attic and put in more insulation.

4.  Periodically clean your siding with a hose. TIP: Do not spray water at an angle since this lets water get underneath the siding panels. Use a brush for hard-to-get-rid-of stains. Only use a power or pressure washer if allowed by manufacturer since certain siding can be damaged.

5.  Fiber cement is long lasting but for minor problems use fiber cement patch material to temporarily fix a problem. For major problems, call the siding contractor who installed it.

6.  Vinyl siding is known as a great low-maintenance option, but for missing or damaged siding it is better if it is repaired by your siding contractor.

7.  Aluminum siding is another well-known, low-maintenance choice, but it gets dents. Depending on the extent of the damage, the siding panel most likely will need to be replaced by a siding professional.

8.  Metal siding tends to fade and discolor and it may allow dirt to penetrate the surface. A good clean with detergent washes away dirt, grime and chalking.

9.  Wood siding has varying degrees of maintenance depending whether how and if it is finished. Wood siding should be well maintained, cared for and cleaned about once a year in order to extend its life. All wood is susceptible to rot, decay and even mildew. If cleaning it does not eliminate the problem and for any repairs or panel replacement, it is best to contact your wood siding contractor.

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