Many homeowners ask: what does a roof warranty cover? It all depends on the type of warranty coverage you need. We review some items that are covered, may not be covered, or may require an additional fee. Many people believe, albeit mistakenly, that their roof warranty offers total protection coverage. However, that’s typically not the case.  

There are two types of roof warranties: a workmanship warranty, which is a labor warranty that we offer for five-years, and a manufacturer’s warranty, which protects you from material defects (plus, it provides a good sign that the roofer is approved by the manufacturer to install their materials). For one, we have earned certifications with top roofing manufacturers: Owens Corning, GAF, DaVinci Roofscapes and CertainTeed. This enables us to offer major manufacturer’s top-tier extended warranty coverage.  

As the homeowner, you’ll have to decide for yourself if a roof warranty is a worthwhile investment. So, let’s take a look at a few: 

Roof Leak Damage

Most roof warranties cover labor and material costs as long as they are not a result of a natural disaster, such as lighting, thunderstorm, high winds, hail, earthquake, etc. Furthermore, they will not be covered if caused by fire, misuse, negligence, vandalism or loss of integrity of the structure.

Roof Puncture Damage

If your roof has high foot traffic, consider adding puncture damage for an extra cost. You may be required to add a thicker roof membrane to qualify for this upgrade. 

Roof Ponding/Standing-Water Damage

Typically, this is when water that remains on the roof for a specified time after it has stopped raining. This may be an additional cost.

Existing Moisture Roof Damage

This occurs when a new roof system is installed over an existing roof. The manufacturer may require a scan and other tests before-and-after the new roof installation to ensure no moisture is trapped. This typically is not covered and costs extra.  

Roof Hail Damage

If you live in a hail-prone area, you may want to consider paying extra to protect your roof from hail damage and additional repair costs. 

Roof High-Winds Damage

Check the warranty to find out what wind speeds are covered. If you live in a high-wind or hurricane area, you may want to consider paying extra to protect your roof and you may be required to place additional enhancements to the roofing system.  

Natural Disaster/Acts of God Roof Damage

Natural occurrences such as high winds, hail, tornadoes, floods, some fires, etc. are typically not covered and cost extra.  

Interior Roof Damage

Most interior, consequential or other defects that contributed to roof damage are not covered under roof warranties.

Faulty Roof Repairs

Improper roof repairs may void the warranty and may be an additional cost to inspect, repair and to reinstate the warranty. 

Unauthorized Roof Alterations/Repairs

Unauthorized roof alterations, repairs or additions may void the warranty and may be an additional cost to inspect, repair and reinstate the warranty.  Always talk to your roofer and manufacturer before proceeding with any repairs.

Roof Replacement

Typically, roof warranties do not cover roof system replacement. Depending on the manufacturer and warranty, you may qualify for only material cost coverage but not the labor.

On a last note, one of the best warranties’ money can buy is hiring a reputable roofing contractor who will perform a quality job and roof installation. Make sure you hire a trustworthy roofer and quality roofing company with a proven track record and one who will provide you with honest advice to warranties about your roofing project.

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