When it comes to remodeling, more homeowners are opting for luxurious elements, convenience features and smart appliances to make their homes a lot more enjoyable. When remodeling, it is key to stay with what features are important to you.

When planning a remodel, be thoughtful about the colors, materials and finishes you are going to choose. Making over-personalized, or out-of-style design choices may hurt your home’s value, or certain elements my cause your renovation to feel outdated, or overly trendy. What’s trending in your area?

Home remodeling projects can vary in cost depending on the location, scope of the job, and timeline. And selecting a contractor experienced in the type of remodeling you need and one that can work within your budget and timeline.

To help, we’ve selected eleven of the hottest house design trends in 2022 going into 2023. But be mindful, that not all trends work well in every house. Consult our professional house remodeling and design team to help you realize your vision and to maximize the impact of your remodeling investment.

Every year, home remodeling trends and costs change. Some styles stick around for years, while others are gone by what seems by the end of the month. Here are the top remodeling projects for 2022:

Improving the Outdoor Areas

The still popular trend is to make your outdoor look like your living room and bringing all the comforts of the interior, outside. A lot more decks and patios are being installed in homes. Especially, as an extension in kitchens that open onto a deck, making al fresco dining and entertaining quite an experience, not to mention a much easier task and the effect of increasing usable square footage. Many homeowners use this space for entertaining especially when the weather is nice, and when it is not.

Luxe Bathroom

Spa-like bathrooms are becoming standard in many homes. They provide homeowners and families a place to unwind and relax after a long day. When remodeling the bathroom gravitate toward colors, texture, shapes and finishes. Moroccan-inspired tiles are especially hot right now. If you prefer a more toned-downed design, we suggest selecting natural stone, such as marble, quartz and river rock. Porcelain-mimicking stone and even concrete have made it an attractive and low-maintenance alternative. Bring some nature (wooden elements and plants) into it – it will complete the style with a calming and serene effect.

Warm Earth Tones

Although crisp white and cool gray are still very popular, we’re seeing homeowners choose warmer tones and more earth-tone neutrals, such as softer whites and ivory and warmer grays with pink or lilac undertones. Light colors make a room appear larger and brighter. Another trend is bold wallpaper, at least on one wall. Wallpaper can go in any room, and it helps to show off the personality or style you want the space to have, especially if you are budget conscious – plus, it shows you like to have a little fun with decorating!

Larger-than-Life Windows & Skylights

There is no better way to bring in natural light than via windows. Whether you add a window to multiple walls or install a floor-to-ceiling window or a skylight, any large window will transform a space in the most beautiful, natural way. It will make a room look brighter, larger and cozy to enjoy it!

What's that about Cabinets?

White will remain a classic, but we’re starting to see more homeowners choose cabinets in neutral colors like cream and gray. Neutrals like green, blue and even black are slowly increasing in popularity. Another favorite is two-tone cabinets, with darker lower cabinets and with lighter upper cabinets. Wood cabinets in stains such as chestnut and oak remain a perfectly acceptable choice and a homebuyer’s favorite (still!). 

Stuck on an Island

A kitchen island that is. Bigger kitchen islands are making a huge comeback. Homeowners use the kitchen island to install the dishwasher, sink, wine and beverage cooling fridge, trash pullout, etc. The result is multifunctional, which leaves other areas for other things. The kitchen islands is also becoming the new gathering place for families, where seating areas are designated and included in the overall kitchen layout. 

Precious Metals

Using more than one metallic finish, such as copper, brass, pewter, chrome, nickel, gunmetal and matte black, even polished and hammered metals can bring a touch of warmth if using brass or copper, or a dash of sparkle with pewter or chrome. Mixing metals and finishes adds depth and gives the room a more curated look.    

Built-In Storage

Another way to make a kitchen look and feel larger, brighter and well-kept is to hide what you need all the while keeping your home looking sleek and having fast access to whatever you need. Built-in storage can be closed, open and hidden. It is all up to you on how you want to make use of your space and walls. Consider cabinets with open shelving for a low-commitment but still an updated look.

Multi-Functional Rooms

After the pandemic, we all realized that no matter how big a house, it did not give every family member enough workspace. In 2022, the multifunctional rooms are still going strong. Families want their own space for video meetings, at-home schooling, or room to work without feeling congested in the confines of their own home. Home offices work as bedrooms, and kitchens double as a work zone and entertainment room. Multifunctional rooms are needed for just about every family today.  

Smart Appliances are here, but the Best is Yet to Come

The smart-home revolution has been a long time coming. And what is to come, is just the beginning. Homeowners have more options than ever to personalize their home, not only in colors and design, but options in integrated appliances, built-in refrigerators, induction cooktops, French door ovens, water-conserving faucets, screen-display appliances, and smart features you can control from an app on your mobile device. Soon, microcontrollers, microprocessors and sensor will allow washers to adjust precisely to types of fabrics, refrigerators will be able to detect if we’re running low on food, whether food is about to spoil, and so much more. We’ll be notified on all of this on our smartphones no matter where we are and we’ll be able to make decisions about these issues, quickly. The longer we’ll use these appliances, the smarter they will become and they will learn how and when we operate them to better accommodate our needs while increasing their efficiency and reducing power consumption.    


The sought-after transition room from the outdoors. It is filled with shoe racks, hooks, closets and organized storage with an area to wash up and change, if needed. Today’s mudrooms are much sleeker and are usually combined with the laundry room. It is a room where everyone can clean up and remove dirty clothing from the outside or away from the house and change into clothes that will keep the home clean. The design and layout of your mudroom largely depends on the size of the area you have to work with. For most homes, the mudroom is located at the front or back entrance of the home.

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