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Investing in the Home Office

Today, home is where the work office is. At least, that's what we’ve been seeing a lot of in remodeling trends in 2022. With more people working remotely than ever, there's a growing demand for custom home office spaces. But it's not just about carving out a corner in the guest room or basement. Instead, we're seeing a lot of homeowners invest in significant renovations to create dedicated office spaces that are both stylish and functional. Whether it's a sleek and modern loft conversion or a cozy and comfortable nook under the stairs, more and more people are finding ways to do their homework for them. Unused rooms are being transformed into custom office spaces – and that's a trend worth investing in.

Improving Outdoor Spaces & Special Features

It's no secret that the pandemic has caused many of us to reevaluate our priorities. No longer content with just a backyard patio, more and more homeowners are going out to create luxurious outdoor spaces. Pools, outside kitchens, big seating, fire pits, and dining areas are high on wish lists. While some of us may be longing for the days of lavish international vacations, the new luxury seems to have everything you need right at home. And with so many of us working from home, the line between indoor and outdoor living is becoming increasingly blurred. So, whether you're planning a complete backyard makeover or just looking to add a few finishing touches, these top remodeling trends are here to stay.

Textured Walls All-Around

It's official: the days of boring, flat walls are officially over. Instead, in 2022, we’re seeing a significant trend toward textured walls in homes. Whether it's a neutral tone or a bold statement wall, homeowners are looking for ways to add visual interest to their spaces. So, if you're thinking about giving your home a makeover this summer, don't be afraid to experiment with different textures and faux finishes - your guests will be impressed.

Integrating Smart Appliances & Technology from A to Z

Let’s face it. We’re all on our phones, tablets and computers more than we’d like to admit. We use our devices for work, school, conferencing and for personal connections, and even more today, to connect with our homes, when we’re not at home. So, it should be no surprise that remodeling trends in 2022 will include more smart appliances and technology integrated into our homes. From your refrigerator ordering groceries for you to your oven being controlled by your smartphone, new appliances will make your life easier – and a little bit more high-tech. Other exciting trends include:

  • More eco-friendly fixtures and appliances that help conserve water and energy.
  • A return to natural materials like wood and stone.
  • Bold, statement-making cabinetry in bright colors or with exciting patterns.
  • Integrated technology allows you to control everything from your lights to your security system with the touch of a button.

Say Yes to Dark, Bold Colors

2022 is the year to embrace your dark side. If you've been holding back on that bold paint color you've always wanted to try, this is the year to go for it. Dark colors are making a big comeback, and we're seeing many in both new homes and exterior remodeling projects. Everyone has a dark color, from deep charcoals to rich plums. And if you're worried about your home feeling too dark, don't be - there are plenty of ways to add light and bring balance to a space with dark walls. We’re seeing a strong interest in dark neutrals and naturals, whether it’s for interior remodeling or exterior. Go ahead and give in to your darker impulses!

Incorporating Side-Job Spaces

As mentioned above, we've been seeing a rise in the personal side-hustle designated space. With an entrepreneurial mindset, especially from younger generations, the bedroom has taken on flexibility, from the filming set to the creative studio to the shipment facility, etc. And whether creating or promoting products or just shooting videos, bedroom aesthetics for these generations have become backdrops for personal branding. The home is becoming a hub, which includes a side-job space is where you make your passion project or hobby happen. So, if you're looking to remodel consider incorporating a designated side-job space into your design plans. Who knows, you may be the next YouTube sensation or industry leader--all from the comforts of your bedroom.

Seeing Green? Then be Green

Yes, we’re seeing a lot of green colors added in remodeling in 2022. Homeowners and families want their homes to feel good and bringing in a touch of green is a perfect way. Many variations of green paint color can create that comfy, cozy, fresh home feeling. We're also seeing a trend towards using more sustainable materials like bamboo and cork. Recycling and using natural materials pair perfectly with any style, color and texture plus, renewable materials help support the environment. Yay for going green!  

Love, Love Nature

Homeowners are increasingly requesting more natural light in their homes through more oversized windows, doors, skylights, and sun tubes. While this option increases natural light in the house, it also creates a more direct connection with nature. As a result, we're seeing a trend of homeowners wanting to see more of nature in their homes. This trend is particularly evident in the kitchen, where homeowners request bigger windows to see the outdoors while they're cooking, eating or entertaining. We're also seeing this trend in the bathroom, where homeowners ask for skylights and sun tubes to bring in more natural light. And it's not just about light; homeowners also request more plants and natural materials in their homes to create a stronger connection with nature.

In summer 2022, the remodeling goal is to create a brighter, more inviting space that feels closer to the outdoors. And it's not just about aesthetics—there are health benefits to spending time in natural light, too. Studies have shown that exposure to sunlight can help improve mood, ease stress and anxiety, and boost energy levels. So, if you're looking for a way to bring the outdoors inside, consider investing in some extra windows or a sun tube. You might be surprised at how much of a difference it makes.

Ready to get your summer remodeling started? Add the above ideas because they can add amazing beauty to your home in addition to adding more natural light to your space. Learn how we can help customize your home remodel by completing the request form on the top right of this page, the green box.