Our fall cleaning and repair chore checklist will help you prepare your home for the coming of winter. These house projects are ideal for outdoor activity especially during warm and comfortable autumn weather. They will help keep your home safeguarded against winter’s freezing temperatures and common damage.

Take advantage of this beautiful fall weather and wrap things up before winter arrives!

Windows & Doors

If you notice condensation, draft or frost this may be an indication it is time to replace your windows with more efficient and modern models. However, for a temporary and quick fix solution try these tips:

  • swap window sash
  • properly seal window frame
  • properly seal gaps around windows

The same goes for your entry doors and weather-stripping should be added to any gaps and around door frames.

Clean & Repair Gutters & Downspouts

Having a properly installed drainage system is vital to minimizing problems. Your gutters collect and divert thousands of gallons of water, so make sure you inspect, clean, repair and protect your gutters by: 

  • cleaning gutters at least twice a year (spring and fall)
  • inspecting for damage or leaks and making applicable repairs and sealing the area
  • affix mesh guards to keep leaves out

Roof & Chimney Repairs

The cold autumn nights and winter’s freezing temperatures can exacerbate even the smallest cracks and water leaks. All problem or damaged areas should be repaired by first snow fall. Unless you are skilled in this field, hire an experienced roofer who will accurately assess the problem or leak and fix it quickly and safely. Regularly scheduled roofing maintenance is highly recommended.

Siding & Tuck-Pointing Repairs

Bleak winter weather can worsen cracks, gaps and overall damage to siding and/or brick façade especially with moisture and ice. You can take care a lot of these repairs by: 

  • sealing gaps between panels or board siding
  • checking for absence of caulking
  • spot tuck-pointing in areas of deterioration

All problem areas should be mended before the first snow fall.

Other Repairs

Other important tasks that should be done before winter arrives are listed below:   

  • repair cracks in driveway or walkway 
  • paint exterior façade only if temperatures do not fall below 55F degrees day or night
  • tune up furnace so that it runs efficiently and effectively during winter
  • winterize lawn, trees and shrubs so that they are nourished during their long winter slumber
  • protect exterior plumbing such as faucets, hose bibs, spigots, sprinkler system, etc.

Take advantage of our total-maintenance services where we complete thorough inspections and provide optimal exterior remodeling and repair solutions. You enjoy the weather, and we will take care of maintenance, remodeling or repairs on your home.  Contact us today.