Our Midwest weather requires durable installations. Without gutters, soffits and fascia boards, homes would run the risk of water infiltration issues which would result in mold growth. And this is why these three elements are so important to properly integrate into your home. They help keep your home safeguarded against winter’s freezing temperatures, summer’s scorching and humid weather, and overall common damage.

What is the main function of gutters?

Gutters’ main job is to redirect rain and liquid precipitation away from the foundation, elevation walls and roof. This is why it is important to maintain gutters properly, so that water can flow easily and away from the structure.  

What exactly are soffit and fascia?

A soffit is a large plate with small perforated holes and located along the width/length beneath the rafter trails. The soffit is installed under the outside edge of the roof, under the gutter and its main function is to protect. It helps prevent water seepage and frost-thaw activity during the winter season. Also, its stops insects and pests from getting access to the attic. Secondly, it helps to ventilate the attic – as a whole system: it intakes air to maintain a suitable temperature in the attic and prevents the creation of moisture. Thirdly, the air circulation that it creates helps prevent the formation of icicles over the edge of the roof. Plus aesthetically, soffit places a great finishing touch to the roof.

Whereas, the fascia is the exposed horizontal band at the end of the rafters. This is where gutters are fastened so that the space between soffit and the roof is leak-proof. These exterior architectural elements are more than visual enhancements on your home. Their purpose is to help protect the exterior of your house by preventing pests from entering and camouflaging ventilation for your attic and to help keep water from entering into your house.  

Soffits and fascia are conventionally constructed from aluminum, vinyl and wood. Some are available from recycled materials. However, many homeowners are now going with synthetic materials such as UPVC and vinyl because they last longer and offer easy maintenance. Soffits, fascia and trim products come in a myriad of styles to match the architecture and design of your home and they offer durable features that can best suit the demands of changing seasons.

Maintenance tips to keep in mind:

Homeowners living in the Midwest face this problem: high winds cause rain to swirl up under the eaves and may collect water. If annual inspections of soffits and fascia and cleaning of gutters are not done, they can begin peeling and cracking. These elements should be well maintained, as well as painted, sealed and caulked.    

  • If mildew or mold begins to grow on your soffits, a cleaning mixture of 50% water and 50% bleach can be used on the area with a soft brush or broom.
  • Keep gutters clean all throughout the year. Do thorough inspections of all gutters and downspouts at least twice a year. When water retreats, it goes in the fascia board. Damaged flashing and/or gutters that do not allow water to flow can create serious issues.
  • Periodically inspect the exterior of your house for bee, hornet and wasp nests. Their favorite spots to reside are directly under the roof, under or along the soffit, or underneath the eave overhang.

Keeping gutters, fascia and soffit in check will significantly reduce replacement costs, since repairs or replacement of damaged or rotted fascia, soffit boards, drywall and framing can cost a good couple of thousand dollars, if not more.

When you need your home’s exterior inspected, repaired, or if certain exterior elements need to be replaced, contact us for a hassle-free inspection and house maintenance services.