Winter season derailing your remodeling plans? Not a chance! Being inside is actually the perfect time for taking on certain home remodeling projects. With all the commotion associated with winter holidays, we tend to postpone renovations that we should be taking care of. Hence, it’s a good time for interior remodeling. With freezing temperatures, family get-togethers , shopping, decorating, etc. no one has the energy or time for remodeling. However, winter is a good season to get started with a basement, kitchen or bath remodel, or other places in your home.

So, before we begin. Let’s quickly review the following:

Choose  Remodeling that is a Priority

Budgeting renovations from your wants to your needs is important because you want to focus on what needs immediate attention. Which rooms need total renovation or which areas need a complete replacement? Does your entire house need remodeling? Prioritizing and organizing will help you in the entire remodeling process. 

Switch to Interior Remodeling During Winter

 This will make it easier and convenient since exterior replacement can be done during spring, summer and fall seasons. Consider remodeling projects for the basement, bathroom, kitchen, attic, etc.

Budgeting Time & Money

After you’ve decided on your remodeling projects, find out the costs by getting an estimate and time frame. It’s always a good idea to hiring a professional when it comes to completing bigger projects.

Now, let’s get started:

The Laundry Room

This room is central to a household’s day-to-day activities – however, it gets overlooked when it comes to organization and style. A weekend is what you may need to update and refresh your laundry room. Adding, baskets, hoods, and shelves. You might be surprised and actually enjoy spending time here.

The Attic & Crawl Space

Protecting you from the elements is one of your home’s main functions. One way to ensure that the interior spaces remain warm and comfortable, even in freezing temperatures, is to re-insulate your attic and crawl space.  This may require a weekend to complete.

Finish that Basement

A finished basement can add value to your home and is considered to have a good-to-excellent return on investment from about 70%-80% especially when you consider the many uses a finished basement can have for a family. You can create an extra play space for kids, a media room, exercise room, or a social-gatherings room. Adding an extra basement bedroom with bathroom is smarter than converting part of your garage into a living space, which can make your home more difficult to sell later on.

Hiring a Contractor

During cold months, it’s easier to hire a professional contractor, plus an expert remodeler can help you suggest features that you may have not considered. We can help in discussing remodeling trends to obtaining financial options and everything in between.

Let us know if you’d like help in customizing your house remodel and achieving the vision of the home you’ve always dreamed of. Get your perfect kitchen, bathroom, attic or basement makeover, designed and created by, us.