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Lake Zurich Roof Replacement

Nothing is scarier than dealing with a failing roof. If you own an older home or purchased one used, it's likely that it's been many decades since your roof was serviced. Although most roofing materials are very durable and will last years, they eventually need replacing. When that time comes for you, Pro Home 1 will take your call.

Pro Home 1 is Lake Zurich's top roofing company. Since 2006, we've been providing high-grade installations, repairs, and advice for homeowners all across Chicagoland. Our competent team of roofers is GAF-certified, and our company is proudly accredited by the Better Business Bureau. When it comes to customer service, we show absolute dedication. As unfortunate as a roof replacement may be, our team can make the process painless for you.

Investing in a Lake Zurich Roof Replacement

If your roof is experiencing some obvious signs of wear and tear, don't take any chances. Ignoring problems will only lead to massive trouble down the road. If your roof's condition is severe enough, it's often recommended to replace it entirely. This is because putting a bandaid over larger problems will almost never solve the issue for good. So, how do you know when it's time to replace your roof? These are the tell-tale signs:

  • Missing Roofing Material: If you have bare spots on your roof, missing shingles, or panels that have completely vanished, your roof is no longer doing its job.
  • Dark Spots: Dark spots on your roof suggest that water has begun to penetrate the sub-surface. If ignored, it will slowly rot away at your entire house.
  • Cracked and Curling Shingles: Over time, shingles can begin to deteriorate. When they begin to change shape, they no longer protect your home as well. It's normally a good time to swap them out.

Once you've decided it's time for a replacement, you'll have the pleasure of selecting a new style. Pro Home 1 is one of the only roof replacement companies in the area to have multiple roofing options. While Lake Zurich shingling is the most frequently chosen material, metal roofing is an outstanding option as well.

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Roof replacements are a big undertaking, but with the help of a skilled contractor, the process can be easy. Pro Home 1 is dedicated to making Lake Zurich homeowner's lives as simple as possible. With our top-quality contractors and beautiful style options, you'll feel well taken care of. Get started today with a quote.​